Cross Kill by James Patterson

I was provided with a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Find below my thoughts on this book and this new format.

About the Book:


My Thoughts:

As mentioned above, this book was provided as a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I am planning to break this review into two parts – one about the format, and the other about the actual plot.

The BookShots format:  As you all may already know, or if not read on anyway, BookShots is a new venture where the book written will be a complete story in under 150 pages. I must admit that the idea is interesting and after reading the book in under 2 hours, it was a hit with me. I love the fact that the story is short and the book small enough to be carried in your handbag!😛

As for the plot, the famous Alex Cross is back in a short, fast paced adventure where he has to confront a villain from his past, someone he thought to be dead. The story is well written and the author does not once deviate from the main plot. It is clear that the characters are known and not much background details are provided. Short, crisp and to the point are words I would use to describe this story. What was most pleasing as that the pace never wavered and the author managed to ensure that the reader is in for a roller-coaster ride.

In keeping with the new format, I have decided to keep my review short as well. There’s not much else to say without revealing the entire story itself. Read on and do share your thoughts with us.

Review: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

It’s finally here! Perhaps one of the most awaited books for all Potterheads! I assume everyone is familiar with the fact that this is actually a play. The play premiered on 30th July for friends and family of the cast and members of the production. The script was then published as a book and released on 31st July. This play has been collectively written by J.K.Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. Since then, Potterheads around the world have read and shared their thoughts on the book. As mentioned it is a script and has been published in the same format. There are two acts and each has been divided into a number of sections.


As a fellow Potterhead myself, I cannot begin to describe the anticipation and excitement on receiving my copy of the book. It felt wonderful to meet all the characters again and to jump back into the magical world. To be frank, I read it without much expectation and was pleasantly surprised. The story picks up where the 7th Book ended, with the epilogue showing us what happens nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts. The play focuses on Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy as the main protagonists. Our beloved characters, Harry, Ron ,Hermione, Professor McGonagall and Draco Malfoy are also a part of this to name a few of the characters.

Albus and Scorpius both feel a strong need to prove  themselves and seem to have a slightly hard time dealing with their history and the identity of their parents. This is perhaps what draws the two to each other and leads to a very strong bond of friendship. This story follows Albus and Scorpius as they embark on a journey of self discovery even though that was never the main aim of the entire adventure. It may feel weird to us or maybe it is fitting how Harry and Draco were enemies and their sons become best friends, but it is true that sometimes the most unexpected of things can happen. We are also given a glimpse into how the world could have been had Voldemort come to power. That would definitely have taken the story in a whole different direction. We are also shown how the world has moved on and changed after the Battle at Hogwarts and what career paths our various characters have pursued.

Overall, it is very well scripted and clearly written for a play. On stage, I am sure that this turns out to be wonderful and from the reviews so far, it’s a hit. However, as a book, it falls short. While reading, I had to constantly remind myself that this is a play and not a novel. I was expecting the usual explanations and scene descriptions which weren’t there for obvious reasons. Though a slight disappointment, I guess this is purely due to the fact that this continuation to the story, is actually a play and not a book. The plot as such is good, but sometimes it feels as though this is just dragging it all out. It doesn’t add much to the original story which was concluded very well.

So on the whole, I do not dislike this story as it took me back to the world of Harry Potter and, I do not completely like it as it seems to take away the charm of the entire series. However, I suggest that you read the book as it brings back all the happiness and nostalgia, but don’t expect much from it. I would urge everyone to watch the play if they get the chance, as even I would love to do that, since I assume it may just change my entire view of this. Frankly I am divided on my thoughts of this book and am leaning towards both positive and negative thoughts about it. Thus I can only share my thoughts and leave it at that! I hope all Potterheads enjoy it as I am sure many will disagree with my opinion!

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Redpillows turns 3!


A big Hello to all the lovely readers of Redpillows!

It’s simply delightful to celebrate the 3rd birthday/anniversary, however you want to consider it, of the blog! We have come a long way and are very proud of where we stand today. This going to be a very short post. We simply want to thank everyone (readers and authors alike) who have supported us this far and have shown tremendous faith in us! We will work towards improving further and making everyone one of you proud to be associated with us.

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To help us celebrate today, please take some time out to comment on this post and tell us why you like this blog or what you like about it. We look forward to hearing from you all!

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Book Review: The Dante Connection by Estelle Ryan

About the Book:


Art theft. Coded messages. A high-level threat.

Despite her initial disbelief, Doctor Genevieve Lenard discovers that she is the key that connects stolen works of art, ciphers and sinister threats.

Betrayed by the people who called themselves her friends, Genevieve throws herself into her insurance investigation job with autistic single-mindedness. When hacker Francine appears beaten and bloodied on her doorstep, begging for her help, Genevieve is forced to get past the hurt of her friends’ abandonment and team up with them to find the perpetrators.

Little does she know that it will take her on a journey through not one, but two twisted minds to discover the true target of their mysterious messages. It will take all her personal strength and knowledge as a nonverbal communications expert to overcome fears that could cost not only her life, but the lives of many others.

My Thoughts:

After having read the Gauguin Connection, it was imperative that I would read the next in the series. Even though I felt that the first book had some flaws that I felt existed, it felt right to read on to find out what happens to Genevieve. The story starts off with her feeling lonely and rather angry at her new friends who had supposedly deserted her. She falls back into her usual routine of work and stops talking to people once again. Everything changes when Francine turns up at her doorstep, hurt and begging for help. Genevieve is once more forced to revisit her outlook on life and people and to once again learn to trust people.

Thus follows a series of events that force Genevieve to work with the very people she had thought had abandoned her. This story though quite good, seems to be a little repetitive and many points that were already introduced about our characters are repeated again. This may deter the reader a little and make them pause for a while. However, as the story progresses, it gets better and if we overlook these small things, the story is rather interesting and well written.

For a book filled with mystery revolving around art, this is well thought out and the clues are wonderful. The connection to Dante and the coded messages are intriguing for both the characters and the reader. This is worth a read for fans of this genre. It may seem slow, but is readable even when reading with pauses.

Book Review: Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs

About the Book:


When forensic anthropologist Dr Tempe Brennan is approached by amateur detective Hazel ‘Lucky’ Strike, at first she is inclined to dismiss the woman’s claims that she’s matched a previously unidentified set of remains with a name.

But as the words of a terrified young woman echo round her office from an audio recorder found near where the bones were discovered, something about the story won’t let Tempe go.

As Tempe investigates further she finds herself involved in a case more complicated and horrifying than she could ever have imagined.

My Thoughts:

This is yet another novel revolving around Dr. Temperance Brennan, a character we have come to admire and love. Kathy Reichs manages to keep the suspense once more and ensures that the reader will remain hooked. I have always enjoyed reading the books by Kathy Reichs and this one was yet another addition to my ever growing collection. It is as delightful as the rest and the author doesn’t disappoint with the plot.

With Tempe’s ever growing curiosity, her daughter’s occasional calls, encounters with her ex-husband Peter and her love, Ryan, the story is packed with all the elements of a wonderful Temperence Brennan adventure. A sKeptic until shown proof, Tempe at first dismisses the information provided by ‘Lucky’, an amateur detective who comes to her about some unidentified remains. However, when an audio recorder left by ‘Lucky’ is found, Tempe can no longer stay out investigating and finds herself in many a sticky situation. When this is followed by death and then more mysterious events, we know that things have definitely taken a turn for the worse. With a spine chilling climax, this story will keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

The story is fast paced and uses just the right amount of forensic terminology used so as to keep the reader hooked and entertained. This is a page turner and the reader is sure in for a huge treat! A huge shout out to author Kathy Reichs and I am sure all her fans, like me, cannot wait for more!